In the spotlight: Niels ‘LEGO’ Veenman

Niels Veenman

Colleague Niels 'LEGO' Veenman has been part of Districon for more than 10 years and works within our Solutions team. He will tell you all about his experiences in this "in the spotlight".


Niels 'LEGO' Veenman

LEGO, let’s start there. My childhood consisted of many, many hours playing with a huge amount of LEGO. The floor of my bedroom was, to my mother’s horror, covered with all kinds of building blocks, from the door to the window. To me, there was a clear system in this what looked like total chaos. I knew instantly how to find each block I needed. I proudly presented my creations, which were often improvised, creative and improved versions of the original design.

Currently I have three children of my own, I am regularly lying on the floor looking for the right LEGO-block and within Districon I work with the same energy, and purposefulness. In my work, like old times, I am improving existing designs and processes. The LEGO-blocks have been replaced by data and tools and, just like back then, I still quickly see what I am working towards with my team.

With my predilection for LEGO, it was obvious to start a technical study, which was mechanical engineering. Later I switched to Distribution and Supply Chain Management. Districon is one of my first employers and I am still, continuously improving my skills in improving supply chains by means of the usage of data.

In the more than ten years that I have worked at Districon, I have seen that most, if not all, companies have lots of opportunities to improve their existing processes, using data. With great help of my team, I have done this in the past years for Heineken, Nedtrain, Johnson & Johnson and many others.

Who will be in the next spotlight?

What already had my fascination as a young boy about LEGO, was that with the usage of existing, simple building blocks a whole new world can be created. That is why I am curious about what kind of world colleague Ragnar Klabbers builds and what she finds important in it.

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